Leading Article: Five Dry Needling Tips


Take a look at this great article from Physioedge on incorporating dry needling into your treatment for patients: We couldn’t agree more with their tips and tricks, especially for chronic pain management. Take a look!

Leading Article: Dry Needling on Shoulder Pain

Check out this article from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (NIH): “Dry Needling on the Infraspinatus Latent and Active Myofascial Trigger Points in Older Adults With Nonspecific Shoulder Pain: A Randomized Clinical Trial”.

This paper discusses the effectiveness of myofascial trigger points in treating adult shoulder pain, and could be effective for practitioners treating clients:

Great reading for practitioners!

Leading Article: Dry Needling on Shoulder Injuries in Elite Volleyball Players

This article by Osborne and Gatt titled ‘Management of shoulder injuries using dry needling in elite volleyball players’ makes for a very interesting read.

Their study describes the short-term benefits of dry needling in shoulder injuries in four international female volleyball athletes during a month-long intense competitive phase, using both replicable subjective and objective measures. The paper finds that trigger point dry needling has been successful in treating athletes with myofascial pain and impingement symptoms but with only subjective improvement and not during a competitive phase. These cases support the use of dry needling in elite athletes during a competitive phase with short-term pain relief and improved function in shoulder injuries.

A great read to further your understanding of the effectiveness of dry needling:

Leading Article: Dry Needling on Neck and Shoulder Pain

The article “Effectiveness of dry needling for myofascial trigger points associated with neck and shoulder pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis” by Liu et al. is a comprehensive study of more than 800 patients on the effectiveness of dry needling of myofascial trigger points associated with neck and shoulder pain.

This paper is a must read for practitioners! Check it out here:

Leading Article: Trigger Point Dry Needling

The important article “Effectiveness of trigger point dry needling for multiple body regions: a systematic review” in the Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy outlines the broad applicability of myofascial rigger point dry needling for treating musculo-skeletal pain.

Take a look at this great article here:

Clinical Tips and Tricks: Chronic Rhomboid Pain

We see a lot of patients with recurrent aches and niggles commonly described as ‘between’ or ‘under’ the shoulder blades. It’s often the same area and typically one sided.

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