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About us:

The Soft Tissue Training Centre

The Soft Tissue Training Centre is a knowledge centre for musculoskeletal health, providing quality education from local and international industry leaders to allow you to excel in your field.

Our team have been working for over 15yrs in acute injury management, performance optimization and physical therapy to patients.  Our focus on resolving conditions quickly and effectively allows our practitioners and our business to focus on clinical skills development over anything else.  This has allowed the business to develop excellent clinical support systems and training programs.

Our team are trained in the most up to date, multi modal approaches to care available and our mission is to hand pick the best experts and courses on offer and bring this training to you.

What you will get from training with us:

  • Industry leaders to learn from
  • Multimodal integrated approaches
  • Focus on clinical cases and outcomes

Join us for our upcoming Dry Needling Course in Melbourne here.

Functional Integrated Needling

dry needling course

Fascial Abrasion Technique (FAT)

fascial abrasion technique course

Synergy Performance Taping

synergy sports performance taping course

Myo Matrix 3D Release Technique

myomatrix soft tissue release technique course